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The You-Tuber Revolution

During Term three I have been discussing popular culture and its impacts on society over the last century with my yr 11 Modern History class. In particular we have been looking at the creation of the teenager and how this group has developed over time and in different contexts. In talking about this in the staff room a friend passed on a survey she had created using the popular website ‘Survey Monkey’ that she had used with her Year 9 students.

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Resources for integrating pop culture into the classroom.

This page has been constructed to assist Humanities teachers gain ideas and resources to integrate and embed popular culture into the classroom. Motivating and engage students in their learning and providing timely feedback has been shown to provide enhanced outcomes... Continue Reading →

Gaming: The Benefits of Playing Online

With games becoming popular forms of entertainment in a range of contexts from smart phones to computer screens and living room TVs, their impact on the lives of young people and society in general cannot be underestimated; however, it is their... Continue Reading →

Where To From Here: The Impact Of Technology On Learning

I recently came upon an article in an old edition of the Curriculum & Leadership Journal.   The author referred to trends and factors that are affecting the integration of technology into schools and classrooms. The work referenced the 2014... Continue Reading →


As a parent, I am conscious of my daughter not falling into the trap of focusing her life on the unrealistic world and lyrics manufactured by her pop idols. I think that there is a fine line between promoting and... Continue Reading →

Pokemon & Paperbacks: A Visit To My Local Library

“It's easy to be blasé about reading and books – easy to take them for granted. Yet when I think about it, reading to me is the key to so much. The key to a wider reach of information, a... Continue Reading →

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