This blog has been set up as a part of an assignment for CLN639 within QUT’s Master of Education program.

My name is Anne-Marie Gerlach. This is my final semester studying at QUT for my Master of Education – Leadership and Management. I began with just one class to get my head back into academia after 20 years away from university life.  For the last year I have been working on two subjects a semester to speed up my progress and appreciate the benefits of my research.  I am now on the home straight and nearly finished my final subject.

As a Humanities teacher I have always been fascinated with popular culture and its impact on people. More specifically, as a Geographer I am interested in how culture also has spatial manifestations and changes depending on both temporal and locative factors as well as access to technology.

This blog explores a number of issues related to popular culture particularly with respect to teenagers.  It questions the rise and significant influencing elements of popular culture on learning and education both positively and negatively from classrooms, to libraries to daily life.

Please feel free to look at and add to my posts and resources page.  I would love to read your comments and engage in a professional repartee of how to use popular culture in the classroom to engage students to learn.